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Ice vs Heat

I know that my first instinct when dealing with pain is to head for the heating pad. However, I have learned over time that sometimes that is the worst thing you can do, depending on the source of the pain.  I thought this infographic from the Cleveland Clinic was a useful piece of information to have handy.


They have a nice article to go with this HERE.  Check it out!

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  –  Leon C. Megginson *


*This quote is often mis-attributed to Charles Darwin.

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veterans day

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first attempt at learning

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Preparedness Journal – October 2014 Update

I am back to being much more functional after another few weeks getting used to my longer work schedule.  I got some good things done this month.

A lot of my efforts in October have gone toward filling in some gaps in my food supply.

I made a big crockpot of Pork of the Gods, had a couple of meals from it and packaged up 7 more meals worth of meat.  I also cooked some chicken breasts in the crockpot.  From that, I had two dinners, made enough chicken enchiladas for one more meal and individually wrapped and froze the others for four more just-add-enchilada-sauce-and-bake meals.  I still had enough to packaged 11 meals worth of cooked chicken.

I love having packets of cooked meat in the freezer.  They allow me to quickly put dinner together.  For example, with a packet of cooked hamburger in the freezer, I can make a spaghetti dinner in the amount of time it takes to cook the pasta because I have the meat thawing and warming in a pan of spaghetti sauce while bringing the water for pasta to a boil and then cooking it.  Quick meal prep at dinnertime is critical for me:  I’m too tired after a day of work and commuting to take a lot of time getting dinner on the table so if it’s not easy, it doesn’t happen.

Besides meat, I cooked and froze rice.  It thaws and heats in the microwave in just a couple of minutes (instead of the 20 – 25 minutes to make on the stovetop).  It’s as convenient as Minute Rice but healthier.

Besides the cooking I did, I also rearranged some cupboards to utilize some hard-to-reach corners to store some of the lesser-used #10 cans.  Since I don’t have to get another can of wheat out very often, putting them in the far back corner of some deep cupboards was a better use of that space.

I have attempted some Seed Saving.  I harvested seeds from the serrano peppers and the basil that grew in my garden.  I also saved the seeds from some green chili peppers that I got from the farmers’ market.  I’ve never saved seeds before so this is a totally new experience/experiment.

From my 101 Provident Things in 1001 Days list:

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Get Home Bag (#72).  My efforts this month were to buy water pouches (which handle temperature fluctuations better than plastic bottles), glow sticks, and battery-powered flashlights (I’ve previously just had hand-crank flashlights).

More progress was made in the front bedroom and the walls were prepped and primed (#33).  They are ready for painting and I have narrowed the the paint color choices down to two.  I hope to make more progress on this project in November.

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“In the entire history of the Constitution, we have never amended the Bill of Rights.  Now is no time to start.”  —  Senator Ted Kennedy

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attitude is the difference

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Would you like a little whine with that applesauce?

Remember when my grandsons and I went apple picking and we brought home 66 pounds of Golden Delicious and Granny Smith goodness?  Well, until this weekend, I still had 66# of apples in my refrigerator.  There’s not much room in the refrigerator for anything else when you have that many apples.  On the other hand, thank goodness for refrigeration.

Last weekend, I had the boys wash a counter-full of apples so I could finally make some applesauce.  They were happy to do so.  Well, “happy” is a stretch.  Let’s just say that they love grandma’s homemade applesauce and know that only those who help, eat.

So, they did their part and my counter was covered with about 60 apples.  All week.  They sat, and sat, and sat until it got to the point that, if I didn’t get to them, they would be wasted.  (Somehow, this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?)

“What’s the holdup?”  one might wonder.  Well, I’ve had plenty of time to figure out why I’ve had such a hard time getting this done and have narrowed it down to:

I hate peeling.

That’s all it is.  As I’ve considered it further, I don’t just hate peeling apples, I also struggled with the peaches.  And, now that I’ve admitted it, I hate peeling potatoes, too.

As for the apples, yes, I have an apple peeler-corer-slicer.  I don’t like it and have not, after re-trying it year after year, been satisfied with the results.  The apple has to be shaped proportionately or you get unpeeled sections and forget about using it on soft apples.  Last year I determined to just get rid of the thing but felt guilty and didn’t.  However, if someone comes to my house and expresses a desire for one, and promises to give it a good home, it’s theirs!

I am also aware that you can cook the apples without peeling them and run them through a food mill to squish the apple off the peel, but, I didn’t like the flavor when I tried that.

So, year after year, I continue to peel my apples with a knife.  And, procrastinating because I don’t like to peel.

During today’s particular three hour peeling stint, I considered just how to overcome this shortcoming and think I’ve come up with a solution (other than never peeling another apple/peach/potato in my life).  I’m not going to share my theory  just yet.  I want to test it first.  I’m just happy to report that, tonight I have applesauce … and somewhat less than 66# of apples in my refrigerator.

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frog smile

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