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“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”  — Thomas Jefferson

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Be Happy

10 Truths Happy People Never Forget

  1. They believe that they are completely worthy of happiness in life.
  2. They don’t let their circumstances decide their mood or their overall state of happiness.
  3. They are grateful, always and everyday, rain or sunshine.
  4. They are extremely generous – they give and help and serve others frequently.
  5. They love life, they accept life and feel in harmony with life.
  6. They are free of judgement, be it themselves or others.
  7. They get curious, rather than angry, when things don’t go their way.
  8. They believe in their own power to make change for the better.
  9. They seek inner peace, solitude and meditation regularly.
  10. They believe human beings are innately good.

Farnoosh Brock

be happy



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“Don’t miss the beauty of the journey by seeing only the obstacles of the moment.”  —  Unknown

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Happy Thanksgiving and November Update

The turkey is in the roaster.  The homemade apple crumb pie just came out of the oven. It’s Thanksgiving Day!

I am thankful for my many blessings in life.  There are always blessings and I’ve learned that, the more you acknowledge the blessings in your life, the more you find!

I know I have been mostly missing from here this month.  There has been lots of Life happening.  After all:  The only thing constant in life is change.  That, though, means there are so many opportunities for adventure.

The most recent adventure began when my son-in-law (J’s husband) started a new job, shortly after I started my new job in September.  Unfortunately, that new job came with a 90-minute commute — each way.  The only logical conclusion was that they needed to sell their house and move closer to his job.  I was pouty for awhile – I like having them nearby. That is, after all, why I moved to North Carolina.  However, even I could see that it is the right thing for the family, and I stopped whining.

So, they put their house on the market.  So much for a slow housing market – they were under contract in less than two weeks!  Not to worry, closing wasn’t until December 21st. That didn’t last, closing was repeatedly moved closer and now it is this coming Tuesday.

Where are they moving?  For now, to my house.  That meant finishing the two bedrooms they will use. I didn’t even have to do the work – J did the painting and my son-in-law did the flooring.  With very little effort on my part, #35 through 39 of my 101 Provident Things in 1001 Days got checked off the list.  Now, there’s a blessing for which I am thankful!

It also meant packing up the stuff in those rooms to put into storage and rearranging my house to make sure everyone fits in and has a place.

To make things even more interesting, everyone got sick.  I am still struggling and not able to do much of anything.  That means that the last of my packing is Not moving right along and that my house is a major mess.  Guess where Thanksgiving Dinner is today?  Yep: at my house.

Other than all this excitement, I have accomplished one other thing.  There are many versions of a Family Emergency Plan on the Internet.  I haven’t been completely happy with any One of them, with some having a feature I liked but none having all the different features I liked.  So, I worked up a document that suits my idea of a Family Emergency Plan, incorporating the features I think most relevant.  I am sending my first draft out to a few families I know for additional input.  Then I will be able to do my yearly update onto the new form.  A yearly update is necessary since there are almost always changes in the course of a year … such as changing from a household of one to a household of six!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Ice vs Heat

I know that my first instinct when dealing with pain is to head for the heating pad. However, I have learned over time that sometimes that is the worst thing you can do, depending on the source of the pain.  I thought this infographic from the Cleveland Clinic was a useful piece of information to have handy.


They have a nice article to go with this HERE.  Check it out!

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  –  Leon C. Megginson *


*This quote is often mis-attributed to Charles Darwin.

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veterans day

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first attempt at learning

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